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Important Announcements:
Updated AFDA Fire District Handbook (Red Book) coming soon! We will send out an update as soon as it becomes available.


AFDA has been serving the citizens and fire districts of Arizona since 1982. AFDA receives its authority to operate under Title 10 of the Arizona Revised Statutes as a non-profit corporation exclusively for civic, educational and political purposes.

The primary goals of AFDA are advocacy, information, education and to stimulate community understanding of Fire Districts and promote the general welfare of the public through the use of Fire Districts. The AFDA charter and bylaws provide that the Association may advocate the adoption or modification of legislation which may affect fire districts in Arizona and to oppose legislation which may adversely affect fire districts.

There are more than 150 fire districts in Arizona. Fire districts are separate political subdivisions of the state and, as such, are subject to numerous state statues as well as other governmental codes and standards.

Prior to the creation of AFDA, fire district officials were insufficiently organized to interact effectively with county supervisors or state lawmakers. A credible statewide association with common interests is essential to effectively represent fire districts on a variety of ever changing issues. AFDA provides a single, politically meaningful common voice to speak before the state legislature to address fire district governance, regulatory, financial and fire service interests. Fire districts offer a highly specialized public service requiring a considerable amount of specialized expertise. For more than 29+ years, AFDA has established itself as the voice of Arizona’s rural/suburban fire service.

AFDA is committed to assist and educate administrators of member fire districts in developing, promoting and implementing policies and programs that will enable their districts to operate more efficiently and effectively. To cultivate a more general knowledge and to encourage a greater interest among the Fire Districts in the administration and functioning of Fire Districts. To provide a means whereby the members of the Association can associate with each other in the furtherance of the purposes of the Association and to serve as an information center for member fire districts on all matters governing fire service agencies with the exception of providing legal counsel (or advice).

AFDA Mission: The mission of the Arizona Fire District Association is to provide fire districts with opportunities that promote efficient, effective service through education and advocacy of legislation which improves the protection of lives and property of those we serve.

AFDA Member Commitment: To support its members by providing the following quality products and services:

  • Education Seminars and Classes
  • Active Monitoring and Lobbying of Fire District Related Legislation
  • Newsletter and Legislative Bulletins
  • Fire District Handbook (Red Book)
  • Technical Assistance
  • Association Management